boneArtis® AG: the smart alternative to joint replacement - reconstruction by autologous resurfacing with the innovative SDI® Surgical Diamond Instrumentation.

Today, osteoarthritic joints are routinely replaced in a standard procedure with artificial components. boneArtis® offers an alternative to an artificial joint with reconstruction of the original articular surface. For many patients suffering osteoarthritis boneArtis can provide solution considering an autologous resurfacing. Besides the proven therapeutic advantages for the patient, hospitals and insurances may realize economic benefits.

The boneArtis® Group's parent company and headquarter is located in Brunnen at the Lake Lucerne in Switzerland and is the Groups ceramic manufacturing facility.
boneArtis® AG in Munich, Germany is a subsidiary and represents the global sales unit for the boneArtis Group.

medArtis AG in Munich is responsible for the Groups medical registration and approval processes.

boneArtis® manufactures the patented ceramic products for bone and joint reconstruction. Furthermore the boneArtis Group manufactures and distributes medical devices according to the ISO EN 13485 certificates. The Group also developed a patented ceramic injection molding process, CE marked and FDA cleared. A new manufacturing unit has been opened in 2013 to increase the capacity and to expand for drug delivery devices.

boneArtis® Group signed an agreement with ZOW Munich (Center of Orthopaedic Sciences Munich) for applied research and continuous educational programs for joint reconstructions and ceramic biomaterials.

Our Services and Products

SDI – Surgical Diamond Instruments:

  • Surgical Diamond Instruments for reconstruction of joints in case of osteoarthritis
  • Surgical Diamond Instruments for bone dowelling
  • Surgical Diamond Instrumentation for ligament repair
  • Surgical Diamond Instrumentation for reconstruction of joints in hopeless cases:
    • Very often the chance for high level athletics to return to sports activity
    • A chance for children and young adults to save joint function in osteochondritis dissecans
    • A chance to treat osteo-cartilage fragments
    • A chance to re-unite non-unions in fracture treatment

Advanced bioceramic bone substitutes and implants:

  • hydroxyapatite implants
  • ß-TCP-Matrix implants
  • NSSC (Net Shaped Sintered Ceramics) patented
  • Unique patented ceramics for primary cancellous bone formation:

Ceraball® – MCB® (Micro-chambered beads)