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                 SDI Surgical Diamond Instruments - Important Notes
This instruc on manual is intended to serve as an aid in the proper handling, cleaning, disinfec on and, where required, steriliza on of the SDI-instrument sets. All es- sen al details of the equipment and all ac ons required on your part are clearly presented and explained. We thus ask that you read this manual carefully before pro- ceeding to work with the instrument. Keep this manual available for ready reference.
WARNING: SDI-Instruments are not sterile when deliv- ered, and must be cleaned, disinfected and, if neces- sary, sterilized prior to the ini al use and before each subsequent use. This does not apply to Irriga on Tube T1200-3S and to bone subs tute materials which are delivered in sterile packaging.
We are constantly working on the further development of all products. Please appreciate that changes to the scope or supply inform, equipment and technology are possible for this reason. Therefore, no claims may be deduced from the informa on,  gures and descrip-  ons in this manual.

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