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                 SDI Surgical Diamond Instruments – Safety Instruc ons
3. Warnings and cau ons
Please read this manual and follow its instruc ons carefully. The words Warning, Cau on, and Note con- vey special markings. Wherever they are used in this manual, the text should be reviewed carefully to en- sure the safe and e ec ve opera on of this product. To make the words stand out more clearly, they are ac- companied by a pictogram.
WARNING: Warning indicates that the personal safety of the pa ent or physician may be endangered. Failure to observe a Warning could result in injury to the pa-  ent or physician.
 CAUTION: A Cau on indicates that par cular ser- vice procedures or safety precau ons must be fol- lowed to avoid possible damage to the instrument.
 NOTE: Note indicates special informa on about the opera on of the instrument, or clari es important informa on.
WARNING: The warnings and instruc on manuals of the products used in combina on must be observed and the regula ons must be obeyed under all circum- stances! Incorrect product combina ons can result in injury to the pa ent and/or user, or damage to the products. The combined use of the di erent products is only permissible if they comply in terms of their in- tended purpose and relevant technical data (working length, diameter, etc.).
WARNING: The instruments must only be used as des- ignated.

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