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                 SDI Surgical Diamond Instruments – Safety Instruc ons
WARNING: Risk of injury: Only employ the instruments lf you possess an appropriate medical quali ca on and are acquainted with the applica on.
WARNING: Risk of injury to the pa ent/user: Damaged or incomplete Instruments/ accessories may cause malfunc ons. Always check Instruments/accessories before and a er use to ensure that nothing is missing/ damaged. Replace incomplete/damaged instruments/ accessories and do not con nue to use them. Before every use check that all the instruments required for the opera on are func oning correctly. When a ach- ing components to an instrument. The secure posi on of the components must be checked by gently pulling and/or turning them in both direc ons before use.
WARNING: Risk of infec on for pa ents: The instru- ment is not sterile when delivered (with the excep on of the irriga on tube and implants). Clean disinfect and sterilize the instrument before ini al use and before ev- ery subsequent us using validated procedures.
WARNING: Risk of injury and infec on to pa ents: Nev- er use devices if it shows any sign of damage or if the packaging is defec ve or damaged.
WARNING: Ensure that the diamond cu ers and the vital cancellous bone are su ciently cooled. Excessive grinding temperatures can not only destroy the dia- mond collar but may also damage the surrounding vital  ssue.
WARNING: The speci ed cleaning, disinfec on and steriliza on methods alone do not guarantee disinfec-  on or sterility. This can only be achieved if sta  follows recognized and validated prepara on methods.

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