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                 SDI Surgical Diamond Instruments – Handling
• Damaged and/or bent instruments can result in im- proper changes to the drilling procedures performed with the defec ve instruments, the posi oning of the bone or bone-car lage transplant and the posi-  oning of the bone subs tute material, the conse- quences of which can include reduced results of the surgery or even complete failure of the surgery.
• The instruc on manuals of the individual bone sub- s tute materials must be followed when using the bone subs tute materials listed under “Possible combina ons” in this document.
• The following informa on must be documented in the pa ent's  le if the bone subs tute materials list- ed under 'Possible combina ons' in this document are used for the respec ve pa ent.
- Implant descrip on - Item numbers
 NOTE: New clinical  ndings may provoke changes in certain procedures. We recommend par cipa on in training sessions to keep abreast of such changes.
WARNING: Risk of injury and infec on to pa ents: Nev- er use devices if there is any sign of damage or if the packaging is defec ve or damaged.
4.5 Preopera ve planning
The opera on must be precisely planned on the basis of the radiological  ndings.

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