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                 SDI Surgical Diamond Instruments – Cleaning, disinfec on, care, and steriliza on
6.9 Re-prepara on limits
The end of the product's service life is largely deter- mined by wear, prepara on methods, the chemicals used and any damage resul ng from use.
7. Servicing and repair
Defec ve items of equipment must be serviced and re- paired exclusively by persons authorized by us; all re- pair work must employ original parts.
Repairs, changes or expansions which are not carried out by boneAr s or by experts authorized by boneAr s will invalidate all warranty rights.
8. Maintenance
Preven ve maintenance is not essen al. Regular main- tenance can, however, contribute to iden fying poten-  al problems before they become serious, enhancing the instrument's reliability and extending its useful op- era ng life.
Maintenance services can be obtained from your local representa ve or from the manufacturer. Regardless of the accident preven on regula ons or tes ng intervals for medical devices prescribed in di erent countries, we recommend a func onal or safety test of the unit at least once a year.
9. Limita on of liability
boneAr s AG shall be liable for failure or deteriora on in the safe opera on, opera onal reliability, and per- formance of this equipment only subject to the condi-  ons that all assembly, opera ons , system expansions, readjustments, modi ca ons, or repairs to same have been performed by boneAr s, and that the instrument has been used in accordance with its opera ng instruc-  ons at all  mes.

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