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                 SDI Surgical Diamond Instruments – Cleaning, disinfec on, care, and steriliza on
10. Warranty
The guarantees provided can be found in the Standard Condi ons of Business.
The medical device must always be sent to your local subsidiary or the manufacturer, even during the war- ranty period.
Opening the equipment or performance of any repairs or modi ca ons to the equipment by unauthorized per- sons shall relieve us of any liability for its performance. Any such opening. repair, or modi ca on performed during the warranty period shall void all warranty.
11. Direc ve compliance
This medical device bears the CE mark in accordance with the Medical Device Direc ve (MDD) 93/42/EEC. A code number a er the CE mark indicates the respon- sible no  ed body.
12. Important informa on
To avoid the spread of infec ous illnesses among hos- pital sta  or among boneAr s AG employees, instru- ments and equipment must be cleaned and sterilized/ disinfected before they are sent for repair. We reserve the right to return contaminated instruments/equip- ment to the sender.
13. Disposal
To dispose of SDI® Instruments, no special measures are necessary. Na onal laws and regula ons must be observed
14. Opera ng/storage condi ons
The medical devices of boneAr s AG have to be stored and used dry. The products should be protected of ex- treme temperatures and weather condi ons.

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