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                 Synthacer® / Syntricer® Bone Void Filler
Synthacer® in combina on with Syntricer (50:50) also ful lls this requierement. In the well vascularized spon- gious recipient bed Syntricer* ful lls the requierements for damping proper es.
Synthacer®/Syntricer® Ceraball® with, for example, di- ameters of 6 mm and 4 mm, is preferably used as a bone void  lier where it yields an osteoconduc ve structure for a physiological sca old of cancellous bone for primary bone forma on in a lamellar fashion. As a chambered material with standardized interconnec-  ons and strong capillary forces, Synthacer®/Syntricer® Ceraball represents the gold Standard carrier for pluri- poten al mesenchymal cells, adult stem cells and bone marrow, or also cells cultured by  ssue engineering.
Synthacer®/Syntricer®Granules are preferably used in combina on with morsellized cancellous bone of the same size to  ll bone defects or in combina on as a mixture of Synthacer® and Syntricer® to reconstruct bone structures, such as, for example, the jaw or maxil- lary bone ridge.
Synthacer®/Syntricer®Ceround® represents rounded granules which can be used in combina on with PMMA bone cements, i.e. in a 50:50 % mixture with autologous or bank bone of the same size as described above to re- construct, for example the bony bed in revision surgery. The bone chips act, among other proper es, as a ma- terial with damping proper es (sandwich-principle). A mixture of Synthacer®, a HA ceramic, with Syntricer®, a ß-TCP ceramic, does not in uence the material proper-  es of the single product as described and can, on the one hand, serve as an implant with damping proper es (β-TCP) and, on the other hand, provide slow degrada-  on of the material for long-las ng tangen al adher- ence of bone at the cement implant (HA); a 50:50 % mixture of TCP (Syntricer®) with HA (Synthacer®) is pref- erably used for this indica on in the form of a combina-  on of "Synthacer®Ceround®" and "Syntricer®Ceround®" material.

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