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                 Synthacer® / Syntricer® Bone Void Filler
or against s   implants like screws or against a metal stem, plate or nail cause degrada on of the ceramic material. This can be avoided by combining with damp- ing materials according to the "sandwich-principle".
The combina on of ceramic implants with cancellous bone chips or morsellized bone, preferably of the same size, o ers advantages for healing. Ceramic implants behave in the same way in a healthy well-vascularized cancellous bone environment with damping proper-  es. Both procedures help avoid micro- and rela ve mo on.
Synthacer®/Syntricer® should not be applied in the case of pre-exis ng calcium metabolism disorder, unless speci cally intended.
Use is restricted in case of severe metabolic diseases, uncontrollable diabetes mellitus, disorders of the calci- um metabolism, treatment with steroids, immunosup- pressive treatment, endocrinological bone diseases, and treatment with drugs that interfere with calcium metabolism.

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