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                 Synthacer® / Syntricer® Bone Void Filler
A mixture of 50:50% Synthacer® Ceraball® and Syntricer®Ceraball® may be bene cial, i.e. in the case of osteoporosis, providing a slower degrada on of the material on the one hand and a mechanoindu on of the newly formed lamellar bone on the other hand.
Loose  lling of the defect achieves well-structured scaf- folds; it may be helpful to gently press a wet compress onto the defect and to  oat the beads using a syringe with physiological solu on in order to achieve a perfect  lling of the cavity. When using injec on device, any increase in pressure might cause an embolism has to be avoided.
Side E ects
General risks for use
Synthacer®/Syntricer® may only be inserted by trained surgeons.
Since Synthacer®/Syntricer® products are implants without an own defense mechanism, there is an im- minent danger of contamina on by hematongenous or intraopera ve infec on.
As in all opera ons of the lower extremi es, throm- boembolism may be another common complica on. In both these circumstances, an an bio c prophylaxis and a thromboembolic prophylaxis, preferably using heparin-based pharmaceu cals, is strongly recom- mended – at least during the non-weight bearing pe- riod a er the opera on.

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