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                 Synthacer® / Syntricer® Bone Void Filler
Special Warning
Synthacer®/Syntricer® cannot assume any load-bearing func ons. Addi onal stabiliza on using osteosynthe c measures may be needed depending on the type and loca on of the defect to be treated.
Interac ons
No interac ons between Synthacer® and pharmaceu-  cals or other medical devices have been reported to date excepot the direct in-contact combina on with s   implants.
Single Use, Steriliza on, Shelf life and Storage
Synthacer®/Syntricer® Cylinders Synthacer®/Syntricer® Blocks , Synthacer®/Syntricer® Wedges are packaged double sterile (Gamma irradia on). Implants are deliv- ered in shockproof membrane-boxes.
Synthacer®/Syntricer® Ceraball® and Synthacer®/Syntric- er® Granules, as well as Synthacer®/Syntricer® Ceround® are packaged double sterile in small ampoules ready for applica on.
Synthacer®/Syntricer® products are intended for single use only; re-steriliza on is not allowed.
Synthacer®/Syntricer® products are packaged shock- proof and should only be removed from the box im- mediately before use; the package provides damping proper es and protects the implant.
Mechanical damage can infringe the strength of the material; therefore a en on has to be paid to open the membrane-box or the ampoule only shortly before use.
The product must not be used if the sterile packaging shows visible signs of damage. Before use, the intact- ness of the packaging has to be checked.
The medical device must be stored dry in its transport box.
Synthacer®/Syntricer® products must not be used a er the expira on date. Unused and unopened expired products can be disposed as household waste. Discard- ed (used and unused) devices are classi ed as health- care (clinical) waste and have to be disposed.

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