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Osseointegration of an autologous bone cylinder in a mini-pig, 4 weeks after implantation, labeled with 4 different  uorochromes in a one-week interval.
Empty defect in a rabbits' epiphysis of the trochlea patellae, 4 weeks after surgery: the defect does not heal and reveals a funnel-shaped cicatrix.
Empty defect in a dogs' epiphysis of the trochlea patellae, 4 weeks after sur- gery: the defect does not heal and reveals a funnel-shaped cicatrix.
The primary healing of an osteo-cartilage fragment of a dogs' trochlea patel- lae dowelled by an autologous cartilage-bone graft 4 weeks after the opera- tion. It shows the newly formed bone labeled by oxytetracycline.
HA-cylinder supporting the tibial plateau reveals full osseointegration 6 months after surgery on a tibial plateau fracture treated by an osteosynthesis combined with HA.
Non-union of the scaphoid bone in a young man, 3 years after an accident. The patient was operated on with the SDI procedure inserting an autologous graft from the iliac crest;
Six weeks after the operation and forearm splinting, the scaphoid has healed.
The histology of the gathered tissue from the operation reveals the non- union of the bone; alkaline fuchsine staining.
Donor defects in the trochlea patellae of an 18-year old boy revealing the periosteum-covered cylinder from the iliac crest at the level of the subchon- dral bone.
Triple resurfacing of the medial femoral condyle of the knee in a 74-years old woman revealing the donor defects reconstructed by periosteum-covered bone cylinders gathered from the iliac crest.
Press- t inserted HA cylinder in the donor defect of the iliac crest avoids pain.
Large donor defects have to be  lled by periosteum-covered bone cylinders taken from the distal metaphysis. The metaphyseal defects are  lled with HA cylinders in a press- t tight manner.
Triple HA cylinders, press- t inserted in the iliac crest avoiding donor bed morbidity.
Concave donor defect of the patellar groove of the knee,  lled with a me- taphyseal periosteum-covered bone cylinder. 10 years after surgery it re- veals a nice reconstruction by  brocartilage comprising islands of hyaline cartilage (70-year old man).
Triple resurfacing of the medial condyle in the knee with reconstructed trochlea patellae.
Deep defect of the medial condyle in a high-level athlete, treated with one osteo-cartilage graft from the patellar groove inserted in a press- t tight manner.

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