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                Fig. 25a–c Fig. 26a, b
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Fig. 28a–i
Reconstruction of the acetabular roof with a triple resurfacing (a, b) in a 20-years old man suffering a severe pelvic fracture with a perfect result (c).
The humerus head of a patient suffering a habitual luxation of the shoulder reveals a deep defect with loss of cartilage and even bone. A triple resurfac- ing (b) resulted in full recovery of the joint.
Necrosis of the humeral head after chemotherapy of a tumor (a) in a 31-year old man, treated with a large autologous osteo-cartilage graft (b) gathered from the posterior medial condyle of the femur resulted in a perfect recon- struction with full function 6 years after surgery.
Large osteochondritis dissecans with a dissected joint mouse in an 18-year old girl (a, b) with preoperative planning (c); the operative situs reveals the large defect of the lateral condyle of the knee. The loading zone was recon- structed by a dual resurfacing gathered from the posterior medial condyle of the femur and the patellar groove (1, 2), the lateral remaining defect was  lled with micro-chambered beads and Ceraball® and covered with synovial membrane. The girl left the hospital after 5 days and the follow up, 3 months after surgery revealed full function and restoration (g–h). The donor bed of the distal medial femoral condyle  lled with a ß-TCP cylinder in a press- t tight manner (i).
Hands-on workshop of the QKG group of surgeons (Qualitätskreis Knorpel- Repair & Gelenkerhalt e.V.).
SDI set with Depuy-Synthes drilling machine in the workshop.
Hands-on workshop of the QKG group of surgeons (Qualitätskreis Knorpel- Repair & Gelenkerhalt e.V.).
Wooden dowel in a farmer house constructed by a carpenter: isoelastic syn- thesis of wooden rafters.
Bony dowels in orthopaedics.
The biopsy of half the femoral cortex comprising 150 osteons for morpho- metry, i.e. measuring the stress protection under the steel plate of an osteo- synthesis, reveals intact and healthy bone up to the cutting line.
The cut edge of the biopsy reveals the only artifact of the procedure: a slight demineralization up to 25 μm depths.
Bony dowel for the treatment of the arthritis of the saddle joint.
Vacusafe procedure with cannulated pedicle-screws to  ll the spongeous vertebral body.
The preoperative drawing explains the bone-tendon-bone procedure for ACL repair, using the SDI technique (for students and fellows).
The 4/5 periosteum-bone cylinder of the patella of a shepherd dog is com- pletely osseointegrated within 4 weeks (a); the donor defect of the patella of the same animal is re lled with a graft from the iliac crest, that has healed within 4 weeks (b).
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