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Technical drawing of the series of the correlating extractors.
Scanning electron microscopy of the surface of a Synthacer® implant reveal- ing 5-μm crystallites.
ß-TCP implant of a market leader in the USA. μ-CT reconstruction of the implant.
ß-TCP implant Syntricer® with isotropic porosity in all directions resulting in equal strength of all implants. μ-CT reconstruction of the implant.
ß-TCP implant Syntricer® revealing full remodelling resorption with minor rests of the material inside the trabeculae, where close to the vasculature the remodelling-resorption process is still going on.
Granulated material of bovine origin represent compact bone; μ-CT with 3-D reconstruction and slice.
Syntricer® Ceraball® revealing a high speci c surface.
There is a fast integration of HA within 4 weeks and full integration into the construction of bone after one year.
Bony integration (a, d) of HA Synthacer® and remodelling-resorption of ß- TCP Syntricer® (b, c) in an experiment on animals: there is full resorption of ß-TCP after one year.
Bony ingrowth labeled with tetracycline into a press- t inserted graft, 8 days after the operation, measuring 1500 μm.
Osseointegration of the HA Synthacer® implant in the metaphysis of a dog, 23 days after the operation. The newly formed bone is labeled by oxytetra- cycline.
HA-Synthacer® granulated material will be reabsorbed very slowly. It is, however, bony integrated. The formation does never result in a physiologi- cal scaffold.
Fibrous encapsulation of a bovine hydroxyapatite granule indicating relative movement of the particles.
Graphical demonstration of the bone forming element "Ceraball®". The wo- ven-bone framework has formed within the  rst week around a morula-like agglomeration of pluripotential mesenchymal cells. Tibial head of a dog.
Lamellar bone scaffold around Ceraball® in a defect of the tibial head of a sheep, 4 weeks after surgery.
Tangential colonization of a calcium-phosphate surface by newly formed lamellar bone, already fully mineralized.
μ-CT 3D reconstruction of ß-tricalciumphosphate Syntricer®
Press- t inserted ß-TCP Syntricer® in a donor defect, covered by a sliding graft comprising periosteum-covered bone from the iliac crest or the distal metaphysis.
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