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Press- t inserted ß-TCP Syntricer® in a donor defect of the distal medial femoral condyle. There is no sliding surface necessary.
Precise hydroxyapatite cylinder Synthacer® providing 1000 μm pores, docu- mented in the light microscope.
Closed and open hydroxyapatite cylinder Synthacer®, press- t inserted into the iliac crest donor defects.
Periosteum-covered graft cylinders for reconstruction of the donor beds in the trochlea patellae without (a) and with fasciotomy of the oblique external muscle.
Donor bed of the distal femoral metaphysis,  lled with a hydroxyapatite cylinder in a press- t tight manner.
Hydroxyapatite Synthacer® surface in the scanning electron microscope (SEM).
Porous implants with full interconnectivity comprising different materials. Portfolio of developments of boneArtis.
Ceraball® Synthacer® 4 and 6 mm.
Bone-cement implant revealing intermixed hydroxyapatite granules causing microfracturing of the PMMA cement. Animal experiment.
Hydroxyapatite granule in a PMMA bone cement. Fractured sample in the SEM.
ß-TCP granules Syntricer®.
Hydroxyapatite Synthacer®Ceround® revealing no sharp edges.
ß-TCP granules Syntricer® Ceround® revealing no sharp edges.
PMMA bone cement intermixed with ß-TCP and HA granules revealing a complete osseointegration of the cement surface.
Ceraball® Syntricer® 3D reconstruction from μ-CT sections.
Ceraball® Syntricer® 3D reconstruction (a) from μ-CT sections and cut through the 3D-modell (b).
Capillary force of micro-chambered beads, MCB®, suctioning in 1/20 mm3 of blood.
Ceraball in the gap of an open-wedge osteotomy 3 months after the opera- tion: beads and gap are bony overbridged at that time. After one year (14 months) dense bone has formed in the gap.
Removed tumor in the distal femur; the X-ray reveals the recovery of the cancellous bone scaffold throughout the cavity.
Mélange of Syntricer® Ceraball® and Synthacer® Ceraball® for reconstruc- tion of the cancellous bone scaffold in the calcaneus.
Synthacer® Ceraball® for  lling of the medullary canal of a metacarpal bone.

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