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Micro-Chambered Beads, MCB®, μ-CT 3D reconstruction of the 1.5 mm measuring beads (a) and their cut (b and c).
Sinus lifting with MCB® reveals no bleeding due to the capillary force of the material.
MCB® with 3D presentation and slices of the μ-CT.
Perfect result of a resurfacing of the talus 15 years after the operation.
Medial and lateral approach to the knee resurfacing.
Preparation of the retinaculum without opening of the fascia of the vastus medialis.
The linea terminalis indicates the separation of the trochlea and the femoral condyle.
Removal of the damaged joint surface by a wet-grinding process.
Removal of the cylinder with the extractor.
Precise defect generated by the SDI technique in the load-bearing condyle.
Removal of the cylinder out of the extractor.
Gathering of the osteo-cartilage graft from the patellar groove: cutting the cartilage  rst.
Gathering the graft by wet grinding and extracting.
Inserting the graft cylinder in a press- t tight manner.
Accomplishing the triple resurfacing with further grafts.
Cutting the edge of the graft cylinders before inserting them.
Complete resurfacing of the medial condyle. The reconstruction of the donor defects follows.
Alignment to the subchondral bone of a triple resurfacing in a pig bone, shown by the median slice of the μ-CT.
The cartilage-bone graft is guided during insertion using the extractor in an upside down position.
Press- t inserting of the cartilage-bone graft.
Gathering of periosteum-covered bone cylinders for reconstruction of the donor beds from the iliac crest.
Approach to the medial talus dome considering an arc-like incision around the medial malleolus (a), preserving the saphenous vein (b), preparing the osteotomy in straight sagittal direction (c) considering a steep inclination (d) and osteotomizing the medial malleolus without damaging the hyaline cartilage of the talus (e).
Osteochondritis dissecans of the talus in an 18-year old girl.
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