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Regulatory Affairs (CE Certificates and FDA Clearance)
medArtis AG
81545 Munich, Germany

Product Information

Synthacer® and Syntricer® Implants –  Hydroxyapatite and ß-Tricalciumphosphate

Synthacer® and Syntricer® are indicated for the treatment of surgical bone defects or defects of another pathogenesis:

  • Bone void filling of defects caused by traumata
  • Filling of bone voids after gathering of autologous cancellous bone, i.e. the iliac crest or donor defects in the trochlea patellae or other donor regions.
  • Bone void filling and augmentation in maxilla-facial surgery.

“Clinical evidence confirms the following product properties”:

  • Bone void filling
  • Osteoconduction
  • Radiopaque material
  • Biocompatibility
  • Purity of the material.

Only Syntricer®:

  • Nearly complete biodegradation within 3 – 4 months depending upon the turn-over rate

Only Synthacer®:

  • Slow (insignificant) biodegradation

Up until today, no interaction between Syntricer® and Synthacer® products and drugs or other medical devices has been observed, with the exception of the direct combination with stiff implants.