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Bone and Joint Reconstruction – SDI – Knee   ISSN 0937-8468
Bone and Joint Reconstruction – SDI – Ankle  ISSN 0937-8468

Autologous Resurfacing and Fracture Dowelling:

A Manual of Transplantation Technique
ISBN 978-3-642-24911-2
(Ebook) ISBN 978-3-642-24910-5
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Manual of Transplantation Technique
Manual of Cementing Technique

Ceraball - MCB ®
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Ceraball® MCB® Principle
Mature lamellar bone in weeks...

«boneArtis is researching and developing intelligent solutions for the reconstruction of human cancellous bone. Local bone augmentation. In weeks.»
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boneArtis was honoured as a 🥇Gold award winner in the four categories Science & Technology, Science & Education, Health, and Best Documentary at the 10th German Stevie® Awards!
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RECON®. Joint preservation instead of replacement.
Movement is life. RECON® leads the way. RECON®. Ultraprecise guided precision in joint resurfacing. The smart alternative to artificial joints.