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Bone and Joint Reconstruction – SDI – Knee   ISSN 0937-8468
Bone and Joint Reconstruction – SDI – Ankle  ISSN 0937-8468

Autologous Resurfacing and Fracture Dowelling:

A Manual of Transplantation Technique
ISBN 978-3-642-24911-2
(Ebook) ISBN 978-3-642-24910-5
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Manual of Transplantation Technique
Manual of Cementing Technique

Ceraball - MCB ®
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Ceraball MCB ®
The Ceraball® MCB® Principle is en marche.
The Future of Dental Augmentation and Fracture Treatment. Local Tissue Engineering with micro-chambered-beads (MCB®). In Weeks, instead of Months. Both in Dental and Orthopaedics.
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Are you still Replacing, or already Resurfacing?
The original Prof. Draenert Instruments®. Currently the only alternative reconstructing joints instead of replacing joints using the diamond technology. Ultraprecise diamond guided perfection in surgery.