SDI® Surgical Diamond Instruments

The original Prof. Draenert Instruments® for joint reconstruction as the only alternative to arthroplasties.

The Twin Concept of SDI® for joint reconstruction: The thin-walled “T” instruments are considered for transplantation.

“T” Instruments

The Twin Concept for bone dowelling and ligament repair: The thicker walled “I” Instruments are considered for cutting compact bone.

“I” Instruments

Atraumatic procedure by wet grinding.

SDI ® - boneArtis ® AG

Extractor for cutting soft tissue and extraction of the osteo-cartilage cylinder.

Milestone for the success:
Alignment of the subchondral bone plate

Reconstruction of the donor bed with ß-TCP and periosteum – covered bone cylinder. Posterior condyle of the distal femur with ß-TCP with cover.

Reconstruction of the iliac crest or the metaphysis of the distal femur with HA (Hydroxyapatite) implants.

TL02 Set – the most used instruments for knee and ankle reconstruction.

IL02 Set for bone dowelling of non-unions.

Disc transplant from the iliac wing for the treatment of the defect non-union.