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                 SDI Surgical Diamond Instruments – Safety Instruc ons
1. Intended use
The SDI-instrument set with the corresponding bone subs tute materials is used for the doweling and trans- plan ng of car lage-bone cylinders. This is done em- ploying the twin cu er technique, whereby the thick- walled I-cu er is preferably employed for the bone doweling, including the ligament-bone-transplants, and the thin-walled T-cu er is used for all car lage- bone transplants.
Explana on of twin cu ers
There is a di erence of 0.1 mm, 0.15 mm. or 0.2 mm between the external and internal diameter of the next largest twin cu er. The diameter of the transplant is larger than the transplant bed by this value.
This ensures an op mal press– t of the transplant in the bed. Whereby hundreds of cancellous bone tra- beculae interlock. The en re range of diamond cu ers in the respec ve families (thick-walled I-cu ers for all osseosurgical interven ons and thin-walled T-cu ers for interven ons in ar cular car lage) follows this prin- ciple with no compromises and a minimum of waste.
2. Contraindica ons
Insu cient bone quan ty or quality, for example in the case of:
• Acute and/or chronic arthri s
• Inadequate circula on
• Previous infec on or increased risk of infec on
• Serious muscle, neural, or vascular disorders which endanger the limb a ected
• Pa ents who have not reached skeletal maturity, whose treatment is not possible without piercing the epiphyseal car lage.

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