boneArtis in Munich is the roof of the boneArtis Group
and global sales unit.

The manufacturing unit of boneArtis AG was founded in 2009. It is a familiy owned company based in Brunnen at the lake of Luzern, Switzerland.

It is a research and production facility for medical ceramics. Number of FTEs*: 7.

boneArtis developed a ceramic injection molding process patented in Europe and US, CE-marked and FDA cleared. A new manufacturing site (shown aside) has been opened in 2013 to increase the capacity and shorten production times.

boneArtis is accompanied by the applied research of the ZOW Munich (Center of Orthopedic Sciences).

boneArtis AG - Switzerland Production Unit.

Company Profile

  • Broad portfolio
  • Scientific knowhow
  • Clinical expertise
  • Focus on patients needs
  • FDA cleared
  • CE registrated
  • Traumatology
  • Dental
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Drug delivery in orthopaedics
  • Sound medical background
  • Understanding of clinical needs
  • Successful business collaborations
  • Highly qualified and state of the art facturing capacities
  • Experienced global sales
  • Drug delivery in orthopaedics
  • 3D printing ready biomaterials
  • Improved patient recovery time
  • Patent portfolio
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Clinical knowhow
  • Ceramic implants without postprocessing (NSSC®*)