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                 SDI Surgical Diamond Instruments – Safety Instruc ons
WARNING: For all cleaning procedures on contaminat- ed instruments, the accident preven on guidelines of the Employer's Liability insurance associa on and/or equivalent organiza ons must be observed.
WARNING: Remember that steriliza on is only then successful if the instruments have been freed of all organic material and cleaning residues. Steriliza on is only e ec ve on clean, disinfected surfaces! Work pro- ceeds according to recognized and validated methods. The recommended steriliza on parameters are main- tained. These are only valid with steriliza on equip- ment that is properly maintained and calibrated.
 CAUTION: Use of prepara on methods other than those listed here may have a nega ve e ect on the func on and service life. Any damage resul ng from this is not covered by the guarantee.
 CAUTION: The informa on provided in this instruc-  on manual on cleaning and steriliza on only ap- plies to the thermostable instrument described in these instruc ons.
 CAUTION: Among other things, SDI® accessories in- clude aluminum components with a blue- and gold- colored, anodized surface to protect against corro- sion and wear. The use of alkaline cleaning agents and/or disinfectants with a pH value ≥ 7.0 can dam- age this anodized surface. Manual cleaning encom- passing rinsing o , brushing, and wiping with tex-  les using tenside-based/enzyme-based cleaning agents should be performed prior to machine clean- ing. Machine cleaning is recommended only under observa on of the pH warning.

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