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                 SDI Surgical Diamond Instruments – Cleaning, disinfec on, care, and steriliza on
6. Prepara on
WARNING: Risk of infec on: Incorrectly prepared med- ical devices expose pa ents, users and third par es to a risk of infec on as well as the risk that the medical de- vice may malfunc on. Observe the cleaning instruc on on the following pages and the accompanying product documenta on.
WARNING: Risk of infec on: SDI-diamond instruments and extractors are not sterile upon delivery. The use of non-sterile medical devices poses a risk of infec on for pa ents, users and third par es. Inspect medical de- vices for visible contamina on. Visible contamina on is an indica on that prepara on has not been carried out or has been carried out incorrectly. Prepare the medi- cal devices before ini al use and before and a er every subsequent use using validated procedures.
This does not a ect the bone subs tutes Synthacer and Syntricer, theses are delivered sterile and are ready for use within its date of expiry.
WARNING: If CJD/vCJD (Creutzfeld Jakob Disease) is suspected or indicated, we recommend disposing of the product in accordance with na onal regula ons and not using it again.
 CAUTION: When preparing and using the solu ons, follow the chemical manufacturer's instruc ons, paying close a en on to proper concentra on, ex- posure  me and service life. Prolonged immersion and incorrect concentra on may result in damage. Bear in mind the microbiological range of ac on of the chemicals used.
 CAUTION: Danger of damage to medical devices: Medical devices may be damaged by using chemi- cals that have not been approved. Only use chemi- cals approved for processing

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