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                 SDI Surgical Diamond Instruments – Cleaning, disinfec on, care, and steriliza on
6.5 Machine Cleaning and Disinfec on
6.5.1 Connec ng
In order to ensure e ec ve machine cleaning and dis- infec on, the adaptor (art. no. T1200-2) must be con- nected up to the washer/disinfector. In doing so, the dismantled instruments must be connected to the washer and disinfector via the LUER connec on.
For sheaths that cannot be connected directly to the washer and disinfector, suitable irriga on a achments or nozzles should be used to ensure they are rinsed through and cleaned inside.
The following methods for machine decontamina on have been validated and approved subject to compli- ance with the process parameters described in the manual "Cleaning, Disinfec on, Care and Steriliza on of KARL STORZ Instruments".
Machine cleaning/thermal disinfec on
The following processes were used within the scope of the valida on of the cleaning process:
i.e. neodisher® SeptoClean
1. Prerinse for two minutes with cold water (approx. 10-15 °C)
2. Clean for  ve minutes at 55° C (completely deminer- alized water), cleaner neodisher® SeptoClean 0 .5%
3. To ensure neutraliza on, rinse for 3 minutes with cold completely demineralized water (approx. 10- 15 °C)
4. Two minutes  nal rinse with cold completely demin- eralized water (approx. 10- 15°C)
A suitable slide-in tray or instrument holder to ensure that the medical device is thoroughly rinsed out or through must be selected following consulta on with the manufacturer of the device.
 NOTE: If necessary, the instrument must be dried o  a erwards by hand.

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