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                 Synthacer® / Syntricer® Bone Void Filler
Synthacer®/Syntricer® Cylinder implants must not be hammered; they are inserted by  nger only. Any me- chanical compac on has to be avoided (Fig.1).
It is useful to prepare defects with diamond-coated instruments (SDI®/Diamond TwInSTM) which enables a press- t seat for a ceramic cylinder.
Synthacer®/Syntricer® Granules
Filling the bone void with Synthacer®Granules may be preferably combined with autologous morsellized bone of the same size or even bank bone or a 50:50 mixture of Synthacer® with Syntricer®.
In the case of a bone cyst, the compact wall of the cyst should be perforated towards the free medullary cavity, providing a revasculariza on of the cyst' cavity. Combining Synthacer®/Syntricer® Granules with bone marrow aspirate is an advantage. In this case, ensure that all surfaces of the implant are thoroughly saturat- ed with bone marrow aspirate, allowing approximately 10 minutes for coagula ons.
A cover should close defects in a joint, preferably via a periosteum-bone gra  from the iliac crest or a solid Synthacer®/Syntricer® ceramic cover. Care should be ap- plied to insert the cover at the level of the subchrondral plate.
Synthacer® HA must not be used in donor defects of the joint except for intended reasons, i.e. in osteoporo c bone.

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