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Gathering of periosteum-covered bone cylinders in the anterior part of the iliac crest.
Preparing the bed for a cemented femoral stem using the wet-grinding pro- cess.
The bony dowels gathered from the iliac crest can reach 75 mm in men; the three-cortical dowel is stable enough to bridge over the non-union of the tibial bone; the 42-year old man was three times operated, before the bony dowel brought him back to work within 12 weeks.
Bone-tendon-bone ACL-repair using the SDI technique.
Gathering of a short and long dowel from the iliac crest depending upon the inclination of the tool.
Non-union of the femoral neck according to Pauwels grade III in a 20-year old women waiting for a replacement procedure. The patient was treated by the bone dowelling procedure with a press- t inserted bone dowel, gathered from the iliac crest; the restructured femoral head con rmed the perfect re- sult of the intervention; the K-wires prevent rotational instability.
Comminuted fracture of the distal radius stabilized by a disc-graft gathered from the iliac bone below the crest, yielded a perfect result in combination with an osteosynthesis.
Orthopaedic surgeons all over the world have used and still use the bone- dowelling technique with chisel and hammer. The preciseness of the SDI procedure has yield to that unbelievable improvement of the results and their reproducibility, which we can overview, now.
An infected defect non-union during fracture healing of a bone is considered a rather bad situation. There was no hope for the 85-year old lady. 4 press- t inserted disc-grafts from the iliac bone hold the defect in combination with an external  xator under distention, the fracture healed and the patient left the hospital after 6 weeks.
The wooden-dowel principle of the carpenters represents the isoelastic syn- thesis of rafters.
Technical drawing of the continuous series of tools (a) differing very pre- cisely in terms of outer and inner diameter: the difference varies between 1/10, 15/100 and 2/10 mm (b).
The results are press- t contacts between all cancellous bone trabeculae (c).
Funnel-shaped cicatrix of the defect healing in a mini-pig.
The TL 02 Set covering most of the indications of resurfacing of the knee and the ankle.
Atraumatic defect in the bovine rib produced by the SDI wet-grinding pro- cedure, preserving all bone marrow and living trabeculae.
Technical drawing of the series of diamond cutters.

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