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A group of cartilage repair surgeons in Die QKG-Gruppe um Dr. med. Klaus
needs (T28TL09).
Trauma centers require a compact universal transplantation kit which covers main indications for reconstruction of articular surfaces. A special universal T 28TL10 Trauma Transplantation Kit was assembled for this purpose.
Germany (QKG) is engaged in standardizing Ruhnau und Dr. med. Heino Kniffler
cartilage repair procedures and training
haben für den Grundkurs zum Erwerb
colleagues in hands‐on workshops which
des Scheins „Knorpelspezialist“ ein offer the possibility of obtaining a certificate
T-Set zusammengestellt, das viele for specialization (Figs. 29 – 31).
kleinere Defektgrössen im Kniegelenk
The SDI technology is taught in those abdeckt.
courses under the title differentiated cartilage‐repair procedure.
Die SDI Technik wird am QKG-
Workshop „Differenzierte Knorpel- The group has compiled a special QKG
chirurgie“ angewandt und geübt. Cartilage repair kit complying with their

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